Friday, January 28, 2011

WTF??? நாட் வ்ரிடிங் தேரே டுடே இ குஎச்ஸ்!

I bought 24 cans of coke today! Well, Mum bought it, BUT OMG! I love coke! In fact I prefer it to drinking alcohol. It is just so yummy! I know it is doing evil things to my body, but Whatever.

I am still trying really hard to write everyday. It is difficult. And I just learned that it is wrong to put two spaces after a period. It's really hard to break the habit of a lifetime!

Aw hell, why am I writing here??? YOu know what I SHOULD be doing? While I wait for this mp4 file to compress I should be writing my new bio! It's due all over the place! And people are still using ones I wrote when I was a teen!!! :O


Anonymous said...

WTF, it's wrong to put two spaces after a period?!! How is that possible? When did the rules change? If that always was the rule, why was I taught otherwise in the typing class I took in high school?!!

Clark said...


It can be either way. The two space thing comes from old typewriters as the spaces were skinnier on them. Nowadays you don't need to do that so it's one space after a period.